Daniela Avramovic @delapsychic.

-Psychic, Medium, Healer
-Psychologist, Sociologist
-Investigator, Intelligence Analyst
-Writer, Channeller, Messenger

Intuitive Counsellor.

Twin flame attraction. @ $88 aud an hour

Guided LOVE information from a twin flame in physical and divine union. These sessions focus exclusively on your relationships, the obstacles you may face, and how to distinguish between different soul connections. Attracting the love you deserve through balancing masculine and feminine.

‘Get to the point’ sessions. @ $111 aud an hour

With the ability to see beyond this particular timeline and dimension, I often work with clients where they discuss their intentions, desires and direction for their future. Through conversation, I channel information specific to you that you can apply NOW, and see instant results in your emotional mindset and physical environment.

Connecting to crossed over loved ones. @ $222 aud

During sessions, many times crossed over loved ones will come through and pass on messages. However, if you would like to specifically connect with a passed over loved one that can be done for you. Presented as an essay type channelled letter, and will be sent within 7 days of submission of photos & any questions you may have for them.

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