Do you ‘want’ to heal?

Healing is not something we all ‘want’ to do. That is why promoting in this industry is difficult because people judge it. No one really tells you what healing really means, because they do not actually know what it is. At the core, all people are really judging is the opportunity and conscious effort toContinue reading “Do you ‘want’ to heal?”

Why do we all suffer for love?

Because you are yet to realise that you always have… More often than not, love and the relationships we have are our greatest source of happiness and sadness, strength and weakness, appreciation and pain. Love seems to be the be all, end all. The motivation, the fear, the exciting and the erratic. I am notContinue reading “Why do we all suffer for love?”

How do you create your own reality?

The more aware you are that you create your reality, the less it needs to fall apart to get your attention. How do you create your reality? Every reaction, physical and emotional, has a consequence. It could be a positive experience, or you could be making it go exactly the way you don’t want itContinue reading “How do you create your own reality?”

Growing up around toxic relationships

Every day you wake up and you may be going to the same job, and coming home to the same person, and it all feels the same… but every day there is something that you go to bed with, on your mind, from that day…  The message has entered your energy field and will subconsciouslyContinue reading “Growing up around toxic relationships”