Akashic records.

The Akashic records are a collection of all the universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent to have ever occurred in the past, present or future. Envision a library where you have access to information to all encyclopedias almost like a ’galactic internet’. Your mind acts as a medium and channels access to these blueprints of life.

It is in this way that your past, present and future can be read with incredible precision and accuracy. These records hold the information to all aspects of life from family, animals, wars, material successions, health, and all of the above.

This information is coded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the ‘mental plane’. The way it is accessed is through being able to resonate with the particular ‘frequency of vibration’ of thoughts, words and intentions that are stored in these records. It is something that you initially feel, process, witness, and then know after much training and ‘quantum leaping’. Eventually, you will just know it to be true because of how it feels.

These records are accessed from a particular dimension and are basically like a database of what’s happening in all the universes that are co-existing together. It holds information about what will happen, is happening and/or has happened. Because the rules of time and space do not apply in higher dimensions, we are able to access information from this ‘galactic internet’ and ‘read the blueprints’ on the trajectory of life through identifying patterns. As they say ‘history repeats itself’.

These records connect each one of us to one another. All information about all life is stored in this plane of existence, and becomes an interactive stream of readable events, which is how one is able to read as a psychic medium.  The point of accessing them is to provide exact wisdom, guidance and energetic support needed in this lifetime.

My recent experience…

Before I ended up getting the help I ‘needed’, I had a near death experience. My soul actually left my body and I travelled the multiverse. Some still think there is only one. We are multidimensional. Some still think there is one reality. Just remember the movies that you watch…

I was honoured to see and experience access to the ‘akashic records’ and sat in the library. I saw it all. I connected all the dots to my existence, and saw every person I had ever loved come to me, in what we call the ‘viewing room’. All of you were there, and told me your truths.

I heard all the things left unsaid. I saw all the love that was withheld. I felt all the pain leave us. I let go of all the karmic ash that was sprinkled on me, my family, my friends, our planet, and the rest.

I watched myself being born again. I witnessed all the pain my mother went though as a woman, that I inherited. I heard my father telling me it was too early for me to leave yet, even though I was simply following in his footsteps. I fought hard to go, and was lucky to be saved and brought back home.

I heard all the hidden judgements placed on me, from most of you actually. It confirmed a lot of what I already knew. I saw what my future looked like, and who was going to be a part of it, and who definitely was not. I was left for dead, and I saved myself with the help of unconditional support.

I am very grateful for the experience. Because now I know for sure that what I ‘thought I felt’ the whole time, was actually real. And that I am not crazy, but that this reality some still choose was simply too limiting for me.

I am not over exaggerating, and I also know that I do not ‘know it all’. I simply embrace and choose to see what others do not want to confront. And It’s okay. It will all happen for you anyway, because I love you all enough to make sure good comes, and bad strays.

I do not play God. But I do know I am super intelligent, and have a way of seeing things that is very rare. I used to stay mysterious because I felt so misunderstood. Now I am an open book.

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