Masculine & Feminine energy.

When you create balance between both within your awareness, you level up with what you attract. You make healthy decisions because they come from a balanced perspective.
This also applies to relationships. For example, if a female is too much in her masculine energy, she will attract a partner who will be very in their feminine, the polar opposite. These relationships usually have a lot of tension because they are so far away from being able to meet each other in the middle to understand, or embody the other energy within themselves. This is what manifests into codependency.
To feel energetically aligned you will have a strong connection with the polarities and understand their relationship with balance.

-EVERY soul embodies both masculine AND feminine energy. To embody an energetically balanced soul that attracts a successful life, you will have a strong connection with your feminine qualities (e.g. intuition, being vulnerability, creativity) AND will have had experiences that empowers your masculine (logic, protection, doing, and purpose).

-It is about balancing polarities through experiencing one end (f) INTUITION, realizing you have neglected (m) LOGIC, and then learning to find the middle point within for better results in the future.

-For alignment, when an issue presents itself, find the parallel expression (e.g. CREATIVITY is a feminine energy, lack of it, is imbalance of parallel masculine energy ANALYTICAL, therefore the imbalance in your CREATIVITY is from the traits of being too ANALYTICAL (indecisiveness, looking for facts and accuracy, trying too hard).

-Manifesting decision-making comes through when you have equilibrium between both energies, (m) and (f) in your awareness.

-If you have been taught rigid structures, you will sway towards embodying the masculine energy of LOGIC, and your behaviour will reflect that through risk aversion and seeking reason for action.

-If you have been taught freedom and flexible boundaries, you may lean too far into the feminine of INTUITION, where you will take little notice of rationality and be impulsive without processing the consequences.

-Your thoughts contradict your behaviour when there is an imbalance and you side towards embodying one energy, and neglecting the other.

-If we tried to access our LOGIC to help with making a decision when we have embodied our imbalanced INTUITION, it would be irrelevant to our awareness.

-Imbalanced INTUITION now believes it is easier to reject the polarity rather than confront contradictory thoughts/behaviour, so we reject everything and everyone that presents as LOGICAL.

-You reject the exact thing that you require to learn from to balance and attract everything that you desire (freedom requires structure but rejects it, collaboration requires competition, emotion requires thought).

-When lacking in one type of energy, your energy instantly repels the other, leaving your decision-making off balance unless you learn to confront the pattern.

-Too much (f)INTUITION, without much (m)LOGIC creates imbalance in awareness and then requires the other energy so desperately, that it manifests into life lessons to teach you to accept the polarity, your current block.

-When coming into balance and energetic alignment with the polarities, you notice that the lesson is always the same.

-What you needed the most is what you were rejecting, because you know you contradict yourself when you realise you could be BOTH poetic and mechanical.

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