The 12 Dimensions.

A dimension is a state of consciousness. A way of organising different planes of existence. Each dimension has a certain set of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. That is why some information may seem contradictory when you come across it. It may resonate with one dimension, and be completely irrelevant in another.
All humans are multi-dimensional beings and have the potential to access at least the first 5 dimensions. Many are comfortable being in the 3D, the collective energy of modern society. Use of common to 3D spiritual applications such as meditation will guide you into strengthening your access to 4D and beyond. You are so much more than what you give yourself credit for.


Basic building blocks of life, minerals, water, genetic codes within human bodies, atoms and molecules, first dimension of space.


Plants, trees, low level animals, simple intelligence, exists to support life- feeding, fighting, procreation, a place of simple harmony and living off the land, thanking the land for all it provides, a mutual appreciation between man and nature, basic needs and survival.


Human beings, practical and logical, current reality, locked in time and space and cause and effect paradigm, awareness of oneself as unique and a separate individual, little awareness of interconnectedness of beings and actions, feelings of limitation in achieving our desires, belief of the need to work hard to accomplish our goals, questioning of everything that is unknown vs. everything that is already known and understood, easy to get stuck in only questioning what feels unsettling, no reassessment of what has already be accepted as normal.


Astral plane, realm of unconscious mind, higher self, dreaming, imagination, psychic ability, intuition, magic, creativity, awareness of universal law, all one: whatever affects one affects all, connection to healing and protecting the rights of the earth, understanding that nobody is greater than the other and unity is key to a bright future, operating from a place of compassion, forgiveness and appreciation, service to humanity, point of merge for connections, staying stuck in logic and mental thought prevents making it through, that is why the current jump from 3D to 5D feels so dramatic.


Cosmic vibes dimension, represents all the parallel universes, linear time of space, no illusion of separateness or limitation, the dimension we will live in after all these current changes take effect, constant experience with all that is, large focus on relationships, heightened psychic abilities and ability to access them, healing will take place across relationships and not only within the individual, mermaids and aliens, a life with no conditions, no judgment or toxic negativity towards ourselves, free to create a new way of thinking, being and doing.


Crossing the bridge between purely mental, emotional, spiritual and telepathic connection into physical and biological, having consistent access to magical and spiritual aspects that become a way of life, represents travel to all parallel universes, life is seen as magical and blessed, all life is guided to heal through the work of soul evolution, have the power to be a creator of reality on an individual level.


Fully aware of the nature of the spiritual mission, emotionally connected to your community of soul family at all times, represents all the multiverses and time travel within them, taken on the role to be a carrier of the higher dimension energy to collective reality, acting as a bridge of light, healing and teaching on a big scale, carrying energy in one’s aura so that others can access it for inspiration, healing, safety.


Represents ability to travel to all multiverses and time travel through them for information, instantly manifest your heart’s desire, (true love, weight loss, health), person has full control of the story of life on Earth, the planets and their influence, recognising the universe as a place of birth; earth is our mother because she birthed our race, knowing yourself, through yourself so that you can withstand powerful creative energy.


Represents the ability to observe the history and possible outcomes of all the multiverses all at once and be able to manipulate the outcomes, probabilities and physical laws, full cosmic consciousness, has responsibility for looking after and guiding the planet towards healing, knowing yourself as an aspect of creation, awareness that you are a physical expression of creation, therefore you can create anything within you, dimensions 8 and 9 go hand in hand.


Initial concepts and ideals of expression, love, hope, faith, charity, angelic realm, Gods and Goddesses, integration of holiness, purity and divine energy, responsibility on a solar level, using examples of expressions of creation through energetic affiliations with universes, galaxies, planets and places on the earth that tell the stories of these ancient morals, stories and ideals, models to aspire to, (example – Goddess of love, Venus, Planet, Taurus, Roman mythology, Pleiades star cluster, same as Greek Aphrodite).


Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, dark and light, galactic level of conscious is achieved, Eros(love) and Erotica(lust), the acceptance and appreciation of what duality represents on the earth plane, duality was created to honour the first law of the universe which is free will, duality presents you with profound questioning of if your free will is in alignment with freedom and service or inequality and control, you always ultimately get to choose however for the process of creation, unification and soul assimilation to play out, the duality and inequality needs to play out, one of the reasons why earth plane exists, we play out all these energies of duality until we can encompass all aspects within ourselves.


Initiation to being a full universal being, golden rays surround you, embodying all, returned to source, completely connected and assimilated soul, once you reach this point you can choose to repeat all cycles and lessons learned within your journey with those amongst you, healing the collective, you can choose what you want to create with your time on earth, why most ascended souls choose to retreat or become monks, others choose to be healers and alchemise lower energies and are blessed with a holistic life in exchange.

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