‘A meaningful coincidence’


  • Synchronicities are events connected to one another, and not by strict cause-and-effect
  • The moment you realise you have received a ‘spiritual’ message and made a deeper connection with the universe
  • When you experience synchronicity you’ll have experiences that seem far too significant to be random or casual encounters
  • Feels like the outer physical aligning with inner spiritual intentions


Synchronicities are a string of events that seem to be highly symbolic and personal to you. A key factor is in it being a meaningful coincidence, and it usually will feel unexplainable in its perfect delivery. Synchronicities act as a ‘wink’ from the universe, the intention is to align and confirm your outer reality with your inner. Common form of guidance from your higher self throughout your awakening.


I experience synchronicities every single day, I see with those eyes full-time. My mind will map out synchronicities as they present themselves, and I create a visual of an evidence board. Eventually it all connects, and it all makes sense, but only usually when I am not trying to make it happen.  

-When you have a ‘what a coincidence?’ or ‘what are the chances?’ moment

-Somehow on a specific moment, day, place, occasion, the heavens dictated the perfect situation that feels exactly right

-You overhear a random conversation between others in the supermarket that appears to address your own inner questions

-Those days where the sequences of events completely escape your routine but lead you to unexpected new circumstances

-When you hear music on the radio that relates to a unique moment you’re living


Let go of the outcome, and stop trying to create stories in your head with the messages you are receiving. Synchronicities can be taken on with the intention that the message is confirming you are not ‘crazy’, but rather you are being shown these messages for a reason.Try not to overanalyze everything, but at the same time understand that there is a relevant connection for you to explore (why are you receiving this message?)

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