Deja vu.

‘Sometimes I try not to live in the past, but the past lives in me’.


The odd sensation that what is happening in front of you is something you have already seen before.The eerie feeling of familiarity of someone, something, or somewhere experienced in a present situation, like repeating of the past. A psychic experience that shows you that you are on the right path in your present life, based on your connections with your past life. Messages that connect to past lives, other states of consciousness e.g. Deja vu could be you having flashbacks of your dreams, or it could be an instant recognition of your previously lived experiences with someone.


– Acts as a key indicator that where you currently stand is an important checkpoint on your journey, acting as a trigger in the present moment to then feel like a repeat of something from the past

-There are specialized portions of the brain’s memory process system designated to the past, present and the future

-When you experience deja vu, something has triggered you to remember something from your past memory/life so that you can feel it and heal it

-Therefore, a déjà vu is an experience that you have knowing of the memory, with no specific memory.

EXPERIENCED IT? I recognize the experience as a past life memory where I am shown where to integrate new soul aspects based on the information I am receiving. Prediction and precognitive messages filter through in those moments after the experience in the present. With this information, and ability to move between past, present and future, it creates the ability to shift timelines. It is this kind of knowing that assists with the strengthening of psychic abilities through you diving deeper, looking for answers, and attempting to understand your subconscious.

-Most people who enjoy it think of it as a spiritual moment, and those who don’t, think about it in psychological terms

-You are in an altered state when you experience a deja vu, and the feeling of the message you are receiving is similar to sensations you have felt through meditation and dreaming

-When you are at the right place at the right time (shifting timelines, getting closer, feeling checkpoint)

-Receiving very lucid precognitive dreams about a place, person, event that feels connected to you from some faraway place

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