Am I Psycho or Psychic?

Before I invested myself into becoming ‘full-time’ Intuitive Healer, I attempted to pursue a career in Forensic Psychology. I have been aware of my gifts since I was very young, but grew up feeling like I had to create a professional identity to support the gifts I inherently had. I studied for years and completed degrees in psychology, criminology and sociology. No matter what job opportunity presented itself after studying I never felt able to truly resonate with the career. I resonated with all the information and I used it to heal myself, and those closest around me, and now I work ask an international healer and psychic. Not everyone could see it the way I could, but it worked for me, and everybody I shared my perspectives with. What I think…

  • Some people will process psychic experiences as psychological, some as spiritual
  • We have all had these experiences, in some form, many seem unexplainable by science, yet some are supported, all depends on perspective
  • When your mind is in automatic processing (driving, making a coffee, having a shower), it is generally when you are the most tuned in and clear
  • This is because you are not trying to control your mind, is it not amazing how much behaviour you can just channel through you to get a job done?
  • These moments are when information flows into you, this is also where I have often had anxiety and panic attacks
  • When you are trying to interpret the feeling that is usually when you will trigger sudden rushes of sadness, anxiety, confusion
  • You are trying to catch how this information is relevant to what you already know, and when it does not make sense, we predict the outcomes we are most sure about
  • All you are doing is creating resistance and not allowing flow, that built up information with no place for execution is what makes you feel psycho
  • You have come this far because of how connected you are with your feelings and gifts (you are a psychic!)
  • And when the feelings come up, it is usually when you have stopped trying to distract your mind, so it feels scary (scared going to sleep, sleep paralysis) as you feel like you have no control over your thoughts when you wander
  • Based on your state of mind, environment and relationships, you decide for yourself what the information/energy is trying to tell you
  • If it is a positive experience people will usually relate it to a psychic experience, if negative its a psychological one, but why does it make you feel that way?
  • For example, I have recently come to the awareness that I have always had anxiety and that had I normalized aspects of it as part of my personality
  • Since I can remember, the feeling would take over my body and feel debilitating
  • But then I realised, if I changed the definition of ‘anxiety’ to ‘influx of energy’, I could read the situation in front of me so much clearer
  • Instead of me shutting down when I feel ‘anxious’, I recognize that I am being triggered to process what the information is (psychic), without trying to mind control myself (psycho)
  • Whether it is something that you are thinking about, someone you are with, or a dream you had, it triggered you to respond for a reason
  • And by restraining the flow of that energy, and trying to block, control it and associate it to a mental illness, we take ourselves down a scary path because we are choosing to reject it as psychic information, and accept psycho reasoning
  • You cannot fight the feeling of ‘anxiety’, just like you cannot fight the feeling of love, or sadness or anger, when it arises
  • You can change the way you react from being a psycho, to acknowledging your psychic abilities, and the trust in yourself that got you to exactly where you have to be
  • Next time, sit with the feeling (psychic) and do not attempt to fight it with your mind (psycho)
  • Then your abilities will keep transforming and aligning you with more information for your intended path, and it will not feel like anxiety because you will recognise and understand it now
  • It is all about creating the least amount of resistance when energy comes and overwhelms you, and creating a positive outlet for the energy to reflect your healing

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