Astral travel.

‘A good traveller is one who knows how to travel with the mind.’

What is it?

  • Ability to have an out of body experience, where your soul can access an ‘astral field’ that stores recorded information from past, present and future.
  • It can be best described as floating or lifting out of your physical body, and using your astral body.
  • A powerful psychic experience, much to the likes of what most recall from being in psychedelic trips.
  • The awareness of transcending through higher realms, and ability to come back with information.
  • There is a difference between consciously being able to control your travel (lucid), and being led to the destination (trip).

How it works?

All describe the experience of finding themselves outside their physical bodies, totally aware and present, able to see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Being able to see yourself laying or sitting there, and from there you can travel to or explore any part of the physical or astral planes as you wish. To keep it simple, we astral travel in our sleep. When we dream, we are unconsciously engaging in astral projection where our soul leaves your body. Astral travel is accessed in dreaming, in a meditative state, trances, psychedelic trips, near death experiences.

How I experience it.

  • I use astral travel as a tool in remote viewing.  I have the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant place, person or event without using physical senses.
  • This is how I am able to work remotely with such high accuracy for clients all around the world.
  • I get lost daydreaming in music or reading, and it triggers a travel to a person, place, or event.

You have experienced it.

  • When you are lying down, and you focus on your breathing, you start to feel strange like you are floating.
  • When you notice that your body is becoming numb or disconnected (usually as you rest or daydream), you are in a trance and you will feel your mind emptying of everything, except that one destination you are called to explore.
  • When you return to yourself after a daydream, you feel like you got more perspective and ideas, almost like you went somewhere for answers.

How can you develop?

Astral travel involves becoming self aware beyond what we are used to; to the point where you can separate your astral body from your physical one and explore the other realms. It’s not something beginners will be used to, and it’s certainly not something you can learn overnight. To start with, find a relaxed environment and sit or lay comfortably. As you tune out, (meditation is a good way), envision yourself moving, travelling, visiting, and see where you are taken. Your mind will usually fight forced meditation, and your soul will find it difficult to leave your body when you try, so notice how you feel when you catch yourself out coming back into your body.

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