Have you ever smelt a scent that reminded you of your passed over grandparent? They were there.
Have you ever created an artwork masterpiece and thought to yourself, where did that come from? You were channeling.
Have you ever had a dream where a passed over loved one visits you. They came with a message.
For me personally, I get messages all the time, from spirits, guides, angels, ancestors etc and I use that information to help, heal and love.
When connected to the spiritual world, the intention is to heal. These gifts will not present themselves for party tricks, that’s why not many people will even believe you. You’re not supposed to have to prove it.
The message comes with pure intent if you have pure intent, and it comes to you so that it can heal you, or so you can heal others.

What is it?

A medium uses psychic abilities (telepathy, intuition, the clair-senses) to see the past, present and future events through accessing information from the spirit realm.When a person can connect and speak directly to a passed over soul and relay relevant messages. Making connections and delivering message from people who are no longer living to those who still are.

How does it work?

A medium will tune into the energy of the spirits around you and rely on the presence of that energy for the information to be relevant to you. A medium acts as the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world, with the intention of healing both worlds. Different tools can be used to channel spirit, some rituals performed are similar to what is seen in mainstream media (Ouija board, tarot cards, holding items to connect, through entering a trance), but are not always necessary.

How I experience it.

  • I receive direct messages from spirit by simply being present and tuning into the energy of the person or situation.
  • I am able to do this in person, or remotely.
  • I have used tools, like an Ouija board with my grandmother because the passed over like to communicate with her in native language, or with friends using oracle cards are fun when trying to get confirmation on a topic.
  • I feel as though I am constantly travelling on the bridge between the spiritual and physical world, receiving and delivering information.

How you have already experienced it.

  • You recall seeing or sensing Spirits as a child, or know relatives who have.
  • You have an active dream life, including vivid nightmares or lucid dreams where you can access a wealth of information.
  • You have seen things out of the corner of you eye (white smoke, sparkles, shadows, figures, flashes of light).
  • When you come up with new ideas, skills and uncover talents that you were not aware of ever really having or being that good at before, you are channeling.
  • You have pretend conversations in your head.

How do you develop it?

  • To tune into your sense it is best to practice using them.
  • Notice how you feel when you visit antique stores, train stations, hospitals, certain rooms in your home.
  • Think about a passed over loved one, and visualize connecting with them, what are they showing you, telling you?
  • Connect with yourself creatively, when you allow yourself to flow without restrictions when creating majority of the time you are channeling spirit. (Beethoven was deaf).
  • Journal thoughts often so that you can reflect on the messages you were receiving at that time and make connections with where that information led to your growth.

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