Where did you gain your weight?

Over the last 12 months, I have gone through a massive journey addressing my health. Losing a parent young taught me to look after myself, because no matter how good of a human I may be, it will take more than that to save me.

So, for those that see me will know that I have gone through a transformation emotionally, physically and spiritually. I had to break from the trauma bond I was caught up in. And straight up, I have lost a solid 20 kilos and managed to keep it off, and I didn’t want to make a big deal over it, but I do want to share HOW I did it in hopes it helps you too… The key ‘get to the point’ factors;

  • I stopped over eating to compensate for the lack I felt in my life.
  • I stopped carrying the weight that everybody else around me was supposed to be carrying. I gave it back to those that put it on me; it’s theirs to feel (guilt, anxiety, stress, confusion, etc.)
  • I acknowledged where I held myself back, and worked through it.
  • I ate when I was hungry, and up until I wasn’t anymore. (Discipline with Over-indulgence)
  • I felt lighter and happier and committed to healthier lifestyle choices.

I worked on my emotional baggage, and I got lighter as I processed it. My body returned to its natural state because I had understood what was weighing me down. My natural self came out from underneath it all, active and energetic, and that was always my intention. I find it difficult to answer people’s questions of ‘how’, as I honestly did not realise that a total body transformation was going to come out of dealing with my shit… but I did learn, and I say it with confidence, that you become sensitized to the information you believe is important. You begin searching for it. The confirmations, the messages and the meanings that you are looking for, create the beginning of something new. Set your intention.

Example – If you want to lose weight, you will notice people who have the ideal body, the gym will give you a free month membership, and your family will start preparing healthier food instinctively… And you did not have to do anything except CHOOSE TO WANT to lose weight. Your mind has accepted the task of losing weight, your environment changes to match your intention.

Whatever your intention is, with shedding physical or emotional anything, know that it will change your life if you start with understanding where the weight came from…

Dani xoxo

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