I have the ability to read the current situation, interpret intention and predict how those thought and behaviour patterns will end up looking like for you in the future. What is rarely discussed in the psychic and healing industry is that if you are aware of your own thought and behaviour patterns, and how they affect you in your current life, you can use that information to go on and create your own future. This is where we access our own psychic abilities through psychologically understanding the paranormal you have already experienced. Then we can access all the different versions and realities of what your future can look like, and it will all depend on the energy you are projecting on it.

Learning to recognise how that energy will manifest and pattern into the future, is how one predicts it.

So would you rather predict the future or clarify your next step? Fate is waiting for the answer, destiny is creating it.

The more you understand about yourself, how your mind body and spirit interconnect, you learn how to shift your attention from the ‘problem’ itself, to healing your perception of the ‘problem’, so that you do not experience it as a problem ever again.

The same rule applies within a relationship, your family, your career, your mental health, your environment. The more you learn about yourself, the more you align with where you are supposed to be.

I call it getting to the point.

Get to the point.

The 12 Dimensions.

A dimension is a state of consciousness. A way of organising different planes of existence. Each dimension has a certain set of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. That is why some information may seem contradictory when you come across it. It may resonate with one dimension, and be completely irrelevant in another. All humans are multi-dimensionalContinue reading “The 12 Dimensions.”


‘A meaningful coincidence’ WHAT IS IT? Synchronicities are events connected to one another, and not by strict cause-and-effect The moment you realise you have received a ‘spiritual’ message and made a deeper connection with the universe When you experience synchronicity you’ll have experiences that seem far too significant to be random or casual encounters Feels likeContinue reading “Synchronicity.”

Deja vu.

‘Sometimes I try not to live in the past, but the past lives in me’. WHAT IS IT? The odd sensation that what is happening in front of you is something you have already seen before.The eerie feeling of familiarity of someone, something, or somewhere experienced in a present situation, like repeating of the past.Continue reading “Deja vu.”

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